A luxury wagon like the Volvo V90 is meant to turn heads. It certainly did that for us at Napleton Volvo Cars, but it was also made for safety. Yes, Volvo has proven they are on top of their game and ready to do their part to keep the people of Schererville, IN and everywhere else safer.

Two Safety Features

The following are two features you can expect for the V90:

Pressure Monitoring

A tire that does not have the proper pressure has a higher chance of blowing out or causing you to lose control of the vehicle. You do not want that, which is why the monitoring system telling you to correct the pressure is a good idea.

Lane Keep

The lane-keeping system helps keep you in your lane. Many people get in accidents because they drifted into another lane. A system like this warns you if you are doing that and even steers your vehicle back into its lane.

If you're ready, take the Volvo V90 for a test drive; this will show you if it is the right choice for you, and you may love it.

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