Schererville drivers who frequently travel with their canine companions can sometimes have massive amounts of pet hair in their vehicles. Moreover, cleaning this fur up can be a time-consuming and frustrating task, especially if you lack the right tools. At Napleton Volvo Cars, we want to make it easy for motorists to keep their vehicle interiors clean and in excellent condition.

One of the most effective vacuum attachments for removing pet hair is a bristled, rubber brush. These attachments attract and collect stray hairs in a way that standard vacuum brushes cannot. They do so by leverage the power of static electricity.

As ever, prevention is one of the best ways to minimize problems. Giving your dog a good brush before taking a car trip will limit the amount of shedding that occurs. You can make this measure all the more effective by ensuring that your pet brush is specific to the needs of the breed you own. For more maintenance advice or to get professional auto service, contact Napleton Volvo Cars today.


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