Volvo XC90 is an enormously popular luxury SUV fit for daily commutes through Schererville as well as grand touring, with the heart of a race car beating under its hood. Its list of advanced performance features reads like textbook F1 auto specs. Here are two of many that our Napleton Volvo Cars team really loves.

Although roomy inside and out, the Volvo XC90 handles like a much lighter vehicle. Its low-weight engine is the secret. It minimizes curb weight and drag, so the XC90 negotiates winding roads and hugs curves like a svelte, smaller ride.

Unique to Volvo, the XC90 boasts a Geartronic transmission, a manual and automatic hybrid that boasts the bests of both types. The transmission employs shifting paddles in place of an actual clutch, letting you keep your hands on the wheel as a smart internal computer translates the paddle shifts into seamless gear changes.


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